Phinn, regulatory database for scientific innovation

Backed by 15 years of experience in the field of scientific and regulatory consulting, Pharmanager Development designed Phinn®, the only intelligence and innovation tool of its kind in the world.


This application is developed and perfected weekly by the experts at Pharmanager Development : 


👉 2021 latest innovation : SEARCH ENGINE which allows 

  • customised multi-criteria searches (advanced criteria),
  • a more functional and unique application,
  • to get information in just a few seconds (incredible time saving),
  • a better customer experience. 




👉 Novelty 2020/2021: CATALOGUE RAW MATERIALS which allows : 

  • Ingredient suppliers to promote their ingredients for free in the Phinn® Catalogue,
  • Subscribers to create their own RAW MATERIALS LIST and thus be automatically notified of updates.

A major evolution which allows all our subscribers to register their Raw Materials in their catalogue, and thus :

  • be notified of updated supplier information (specifications, labels, quality documents, marketing brochures, studies, etc.),
  • add your own confidential information (which is only accessible to your company’s users, e.g. a price negotiated with your supplier, a clinical study, etc.),
  • receive alerts on scientific and regulatory changes


👉 Novelty 2019 : NOTES MODULE which allows : 

  • to save information in his personal space in a confidential way (confidentiality certificate),
  • to share information to a group of people or to a single person (colleague, supplier, ….),
  • and much more…


👉 Novelty 2017 : NOTIFIED FOOD SUPPLEMENTS which allows : 


  • to carry out a competitive watch and to monitor the French food supplements market in real time. 


The ➕ of our Phinn® database :

    • A weekly customisable newsletter, 
    • Check the compliance of additives in your food products,
    • Bookmark the most visited pages for quicker access,
    • Save your searches and create alerts on your personalised searches by keyword and/or filters,
    • 1 hour of consulting per month included to ask your questions,
    • Instant chat tool to ask your questions live to our experts,
    • A weekly update,
    • Free webinars to improve your research on Phinn®.


📩 For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us : [javascript protected email address] 

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