Phinn® is the scientific and regulatory database developed by our Pharmanager Development experts.

This simple and intuitive tool helps you each day to INNOVATE, CHECK, and FIND INFORMATION in the field of health and nutrition. 






A database with a number of features and advantages…


  • A personnalized weekly newsletter 
  • Over 1,500 ingredients
  • 1 hour of consulting per month included
  • A real time chat tool so you can ask our experts your questions and interact live with other users
  • Themed videos
  • The lastest scientific and regulatory news with commentary from Pharmanager Development experts
  • Weekly updates                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • > 500 users
  • 60 000 pages read per month
  •  97 % of people who have tried it are pleased with it  :

 « A highly efficient work tool »

« Very easy to use »

« Comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use »

« Hats off for this great tool ! »




Want to learn more about new players or ingredients on Teleicare ? What are the new products from market leaders ? What are the most promising segments ?

Our Phinn® experts scrutinize the dietary supplements teledeclarations every week and give you their analysis.

Take the time to discover the potential of telestat, do not hesitate to share this strategy tool to your marketing departments, projects managers etc.

And above all, CHALLENGE US on other statistics, everything is possible with telestat !

Training courses


Each year, we offer training courses in face to face or webinar on recurring themes.




  • Manufacturing and distribution of medical devices : How to control them from a regulatory point of view ? What are the impacts of the new regulation ?
    • Score obtained on the previous session : 9.4/10 (hot satisfaction index)


  • The regulation of animal feed in the EU  –  Feed : What are the regulatory constraints and opportunities ?
    • Score obtained on the previous session : 8.9/10 (hot satisfaction index)


  • State of place on the regulation of food supplements and future developments  
    • Score obtained on the previous session : 8.8/10 (hot satisfaction index)


  • Health Communication : What is Health Communication for Food Supplements ? 
    • Score obtained on the previous session : 8.8/10 (hot satisfaction index)



The French quality certification has been issued for the following category of action : 

As such, you can request to the funders to pay for this training.


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Get started with Pharmanager Development’s E-Learning platform


Pharmanager Development offers its customers online training modules (currently in French or English), in parallel with the training provided throughout the year in France ou Europe.

These interactive modules offer the opportunity to train or improve your knowledge of the regulation of food supplements.

The platform will be enhanced during the year with the launch of new online training modules developed by Pharmanager Development experts.

Training & Registration Catalogue


N.B.: New e-learning courses will regularly be added to the catalogue on food supplements, food for specific groups, medical devices, etc.





Strategies for adapting to claims regulations

In collaboration with Nutrikeo, Pharmanager Development helps you understand the regulatory requirements (claims regulations 1924 / 2006 / EC and 432 / 2012 / EC) by proposing a dual MARKETING and REGULATORY approach. With this support, you will be able to find the best compromise between regulatory requirements, marketing imperatives and consumer understanding, in order to implement the most appropriate communication strategy. 



Thanks to this three-pronged approach, the tool can be used to find the most targeted and impactful communication strategy that takes into account both regulatory requirements and marketing needs.


Whenever a project requires in-depth marketing expertise, we rely on our partner Nutrikéo,

the nutrition strategy consultancy.


This collaboration has led to the OptiClaim® methodology.



Using our Expertise to put your food product on the China market 


Active in both France and China, Pharmanager Development enables European industries to penetrate the Chinese market by removing operational, intercultural and linguistic barriers.